Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Getting Started

Now it's not impossible to earn money online. Initially when I heard that one can earn money by just sitting at home and working on the internet, I thought it was not true. I came across many websites, some which were genuine and many which were fraud.

I have been earning online for years and am writing this blog to share my experiences. My name is Erika Fernandes and I am a Software Engineer by profession. Currently, I am working as a freelancer.
The websites that you need to stay away from are:

1. Websites that offer to pay you a high amount and request you to invest in them before giving you work.
2. Websites that do not ask you to invest anything and promise to pay you such a high amount that is absolutely imaginary.
3. Websites that offer freelancing work like Captcha work which is typing words from an image to a text box.

Beware of such SCAM websites!

Payment Processors 

The first step to earn online is to create an account with an online payment service website. These websites allow you to create an account for free and deposit money you have earned online wand then withdraw this amount to you bank account in India or via Cheque. You just need to verify your account with these websites.

After you have created an account with the payment processors, the next step to earn online is as follows:

1. Earn Money by Completing Online Surveys

The websites from where you can earn money by completing websites pay you to voice your opinion about various products, websites. For example, you may have bought a product from an online shopping website and you want to give your opinion about how was your shopping experience. These websites help you to do exactly that and pay you for it. You need to fill in your details with the website and complete your profile as regularly as possible to receive more surveys per week. You can earn anything from Rs 25/- to Rs/- 250 per survey you fill depending upon the criteria required for that survey. It's not necessary that you may be eligible for each and every survey that you receive. But don't feel bad about that and just try to update your profile to receive the survey which suits you.

2. Earn Money PTR Sites

There are many websites which pay you to read emails and sms and pay you for doing this. The earning is low but it is definitely worth trying these websites. Suitable for people from all countries.

3. Earn Money as a Freelancer 

This is the easiest way to earn a huge amount in a short span of time. You just need to have basic computer knowledge and the skills required to complete that work. You do not need to invest even a buck to get this work online. That means no registration fees or anything like that. Only your work matter and the time spent to complete that work.

Here are the steps to follow:
  1. You need to register with these websites.
  2. You need to place an hourly amount like $5 for most of these websites. This hourly rate is the rate that you will get for working for 1 hour. That means, if you need 10 hours to complete that work, you will get 10*5= $50 for that particular work.The website will deduct its fees from this amount (for example a percent of the amount paid to you) and pay you via PayPal or AlertPay or etc.
  3. You need to bid on the available projects available on the website for which you are most suited to do. Note: Usually the websites offer Captcha Data Entry Work which is not a reliable work to do. So, please avoid any such work offered as they make you work and do not pay you a penny for it. It's just a waste of time.
  4. When the project owner of that particular work you selected to do with a specified bid contacts you, then you need to ask him he details of the job and then start working on it.
  5. The last step is that you will get your money for the work you did and now just withdraw that money.

4. Bitcoin & Other Opportunities

This includes a virtual currency like bitcoins and opportunities like earnings from posting ads, referring people, exchanging your referral link, earn from each click to your referral link and so on. Bitcoins being a virtual currency helps users to earn money in a new currency and there are way too many opportunities to earn money with bitcoins from paid-to-click websites, signature campaigns and so on. There are also websites that offer money to complete tasks and surf websites manually.
and the list continues.......
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