Bitcoins and Other Opportunities


What are bitcoins?
Many people know what bitcoins are and have been trading in bitcoins but many are there who still are clueless of what bitcoins are. Bitcoins are not currencies of any country like dollars or rupees. They are a virtual currency called cryptocurrency and does not belong to any country.

Value of Bitcoins:
Bitcoins hold a high currency value in dollars like each 1 BTC = 131.39 USD as per 18th September 2013. The value of bitcoins keeps changing like any other currency value. Bitcoins are considered as a legal currency and there are many people who buy and sell bitcoins online.

What is the use of bitcoins?

Bitcoins have a currency value and demand online. The bitcoins earned can then be sold for an equivalent USD amount or any other currency or can be transferred to a bank account. It is like owning any other currency but the only thing is that bitcoins need to be converted and of their own cannot be transferred to any bank account.

Where are bitcoins stored?
Bitcoins can be stored online in payment processors like blockchain, coinbase which are online ecurrencies and they convert the bitcoins into USD and the amount can be transferred to any bank account, preferably US bank accounts or sold online.

How to earn bitcoins?
One can earn bitcoins easily from sites like paid to click sites, playing games online, trading, faucets and so on. There are also gambling and other sites which pay you an initial amount to start playing poker and then you can earn a lot of bitcoins from the games played.

How to sell bitcoins?
There are many online sites available where you can sell bitcoins and transfer the currency amount like USD, INR, EURO to a bank account or exchange via PayPal, Payza and other online payment processors.

Here are few methods to earn bitcoins for free:

1. Faucets

Faucets pay you minimum 100 satoshis for entering a captcha to max 0.0001 BTC. It takes a second to enter 1 captcha and you can earn satoshis after ever 30-60 minutes. most faucet sites have a minimum withdrawal of 0.0001 BTC to 0.001 BTC.


This faucet site pays you anywhere from 0.000002 to 0.2 BTC depending on the number rolled. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00025 BTC.

ii.) Captchasrock

You can earn 250 satoshis every 5 minutes from this website.

2. Paid to Click/GPT Websites:

paid surveys

You get paid for surveys, videos, ads, referrals, advertising and each offer pays from $0.25-$10. There are many opportunities to earn from their list of offers and if you are from U.S., you can make over $10 by taking part in paid offers and surveys. There are monthly contests as well which pay you $50 if you complete maximum number of offers in a month. I have been paid over $700 from this website till date.

Payment modes available: PayPal, Payza, BTC, Skrill, Perfect Money, Amazon gift cards and many others.

Minimum payout: 250 coins ($0.5)

3. Signature Campaigns:

These campaigns pay you to post in certain sections of the forum and you get paid 0.0005 BTC to 0.00135 BTC depending on your rank and post quality.

Here are the list of Signature Campaigns:

4. Writing Articles/Making Videos:

There are few websites that pay to write reviews/articles about their website (minimum 350-500 words) and for making videos and promoting the same on YouTube. These websites pay anywhere from 0.01 - 0.05 BTC.

5. Gambling Websites:

These sites are very risky but some websites offer a free bonus amount via their giveaways and it's worth trying out their games and withdrawing the profit. I do not recommend investing money in these gambling websites but only if one wants to try them out, the trusted ones are:

i.) Primedice

ii.) LuckyBit

iii.) Rollin

iv) Coinroulette

6. Freelance Opportunities:

There are websites that offer freelance opportunities depending on the skill of a user or for proving certain necessary information.

i.) Services

This is a section on the Bitcointalk forum that offers users ways to earn bitcoins for free by solving math problems, submitting videos, reviews, articles, coding work and so on.

ii) Bitfortip

This website lets users to post a question and a user who gives the most accurate answer gets a tip. The question can be anything related to getting the least price for a particular product or finding a particular website...

Review of

I am a member of for abut 2 years and have earned over 0.1 BTC from this website by just entering captchas every hour. One can earn from 0.00000788 - 0.78771170 BTC every hour and I've many a times managed to make 0.0007 BTC with just a single try. The website is trusted and you can withdraw your earned bitcoins when you reach the minimum amount of 0.000546 BTC only which you can make within few hours itself with 4-5 entries. The more amount you set, the lesser BTC fee is charged to the account and hence I choose Xapo wallet which doesn't charge any fee while the bitcoins keep adding up in the account. You can also choose to set the Auto Withdrawal option ON so that you can get paid within 6 hours of earning the minimum threshold amount. It pays directly to your BTC address or email ID you enter while registering and you can choose to disable this option as well if you wish to earn more bitcoins and withdraw your money. There are other options of earning with this faucet website like Lottery where 1 ticket costs just 0.00000030 BTC and you can earn upto 0.25492021 BTC if you win the first prize and there are about 10 prizes. Each referral you bring in can earn you 50% of the referral earnings. You can also play for jackpots where the prize to be earned is 1 BTC. This way there are several methods to earn free BTC from this website.

Bitcoin Exchange Websites


Unocoin is India’s leading bitcoin company. It enables Indians to buy, sell, store, use and accept bitcoin.
With a mission “to bring Bitcoin to billions”, Unocoin was founded in July of 2013 in the town of Tumakuru, Karnataka and is India’s first entrant into the bitcoin space. Later the company shifted its major operation to Bengaluru.

Advantages of this website:

1. Buy/Sell bitcoins at anytime in INR.
2. Topup your bookmyshow wallet from Unocoin. 
3. Buy bitcoins instantly from PayU Balance. 
4. Withdraw your money instantly to your bank (It takes upto 24 hours to receive the money in your bank account).
5. Support is responsive and available from Mon-Sat.

Disadvantages of this website:

1. The website uses NEFT mode which can delay withdrawals at times (usually it should take a day but sometimes it takes upto 2-3 days).
2. Fee is higher than other exchange websites.

Coinsecure is the second best bitcoin exchange website that is trusted and reputed. Coinsecure's Head office is located in Delhi and houses the legals and accounts team. Our development and support team is based in Bangalore.

To buy/sell bitcoins, just follow the 3 simple steps detailed below to get started with us: a. Click on and sign up and input the information requested. You would be sent an e-mail confirming your sign up. Once, you click on the link provided, your account will be activated. b.You will now be able to link your bank account, by updating details of your account number, branch name, IFSC Code etc. Lastly, complete your KYC details to be able to trade Bitcoins on our platform (Buy and Sell without any limitations)

Advantages of the website:
1. Buy/Sell bitcoins for INR easily.
2. Withdraw your INR balance to your bank (it takes 1 working day).
3. Rates are higher than other websites (you get a better rate for your BTC when you sell it at coinsecure)

Disadvantages of the website:

1. Support is not responsive. It may take days to get a response.
2. Verification of KYC takes over a week or 3 weeks at times. You need to contact the manager to get your verification done faster.

Other Opportunities
Shrink your referral or other links and earn money. Get $0.0005 per click to your link. The more you can promote your created link, the more you earn. Click rates vary depending on the countries.
Minimum cashout: $5 via PayPal

1. Every forum member automatically becomes the campaign participant.
2. Standard reward for a post is $0.2. Bonus for posting in "Free dialog" section is $0.05.
3. Reward is credited as a bonus to participant’s trading account with InstaForex by the totals at the end of each month.
4. Bonus can not be withdrawn from account, but there are no restrictions for withdrawal of a profit.
5. A participant can provide unlimited number of accounts for crediting bonus, but he/she is able to change account number only once in 2 months.
6. Bonus shall be credited to a trading account registered following a forum’s referral link, or indicating the “portalforum” affiliate code at registration. Otherwise, a trading account will not be attached to your profile on the Forum.
7. Withdrawal of profit made over the bonus amount is available only from the trading accounts with the highest level of verification.
8. The Company reserves the right to deny crediting the bonus or to cancel bonus and profit made over the bonus without explaining the reason. As a rule, such actions mean violation of the bonus program or trading regulation rules or excluding a trader from the bonus program.
9. If a forum user has accounts on other forums, which hold Bonus for Post campaign sponsored by InstaForex, he is entitled to bonuses from only credited by the end of a month.

MT5-Forum Administrative Content = $0
Trading Discussion Area = $0.2
Trading Software = $0.2
Broker Discussion = $0.2
Off-topic Talks
1. Free Dialog = $0.05
2. Advertisement = $0

You wish Google would pay you for using their search engine? Well, the don't but Swagbucks does..Swagbucks is a search and win site where in they award people for using their site…Of course the point called SBs will be awarded randomly. There are a lot of prizes you can get ranging from T-shirts to T.V.s..But I know most of you are interested in money… And they have Paypal as well...I was able to get this in less than month..And searching is not the only source you can get SBs they created it so that you have an enjoyable time using the site. You can watch videos, do daily questions etc...
Minimum cashout: $5 via PayPal

You can earn ZBucks by completing daily surveys and one time surveys. Your ZBucks are sometimes credited right away. Otherwise, they are credited within 24 hours. You can win anywhere from 2 to 12 ZBucks by using the Zoombucks toolbar. ZBucks for reading emails are usually awarded instantly. Promo codes are available on our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter & toolbar. ZDaily allows users to win ZBucks while reading their horoscopes, news, entertainment, sports and much more! Get paid via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Facebook credits, Xbox live, Sony Station cards and may other gift cards.
Minimum cashout: $3 via PayPal/Amazon gift card
Benefits: Up to 40% commissions from the purchases of your referrals $0.30 for every 1000 pages viewed $0.10 for every active referred user Promote money-making programs Cash bonuses during surfing The minimum payout is only $3.00 Free unique tools Minimum cashout: $3 via PayPal/AlertPay

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